It’s probably safe to say sticking to a budget is part of your daily grind. Maybe you’re looking to keep better track of your spending or trying to save for that dream vacation. 

The new trend in financial planning is bullet journals. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, bullet journals are essentially a book of blank pages where you can create an organizational system that combines a planner and sketchbook into one.

It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to track, plan, and organize your life without having to remember 5 new login passwords. 

When most people see bullet journals they assume it’s only for the artistic bunch who have too much time on their hands. However, these journals are a cheap way to organize your life in a personalized way that works for you.

There are no set lines, charts, or lists. You can completely customize it to how you want to view and track your finances. That is the beauty of these books full of blank pages.

Here are a some bullet journal ideas that will get you started tracking your finances!


Get on track of your budget each month

Stay on top of your wedding budget


















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Rid yourself of debt and track your savings goals

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Easily stay on top of ALL of your bills and expenses 



















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Track as you spend by coloring in bars as you go

Pay off debt with a snowball tracker



















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Review your expenses at the end of each month

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Fill up the charts


















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Track ALL purchases for one month

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Stick to your budget plan in a personalized way that is built for you! Track your first financial plan with the zero-based budget perfect for getting you on track with your savings goals!