Finding the right method for managing shared expenses with your partner can make or break your finances. It is important to utilize a system that will help you organize your budget in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle. So what method are most couples using to organize their shared expenses?

Our recent survey showed that 50% of couples use traditional joint accounts to manage their money.

A joint account is essentially a checking account that is run by multiple people. This is a common financial solution for many committed couples who are looking to share their money. You can each can interact with the account as if it were your solo account making it easy to manage. The money in this is equally yours as it is your partners.

However, there are some cons that come with opening a joint account. For example, if someone comes in to the account with debt and/or other tough financial situations, it has the potential to affect your money as well. With everything being shared, there is no more distinction between your money and their money.

Because of this, you also don’t have separate accounts to save for personal goals. Many couples stray from opening joint accounts in order to protect their financial freedom. More people are becoming particular when it comes to their money management methods. That’s why many decide to keep their accounts separate in order to maintain their independence and control their finances on their terms.

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Second to joint accounts, the survey showed that 49% of couples use apps to manage their finances.

There are a wide array of apps on the market that can help you and your partner to manage shared expenses. You can find anything from a simple budgeting tool, to apps that allow couples to save, spend, and invest together. This can be an easy way to manage money for beginners. Many banking apps are intuitive and provide user-friendly software that will help you manage your money effortlessly. However, not all applications leave room for customization. The inability to edit and create your own financial roadmap can turn people off from this method. 

Alternatively, around 40% of couples use spreadsheets to manage their money.

While some may cringe at the thought of using a spreadsheet to manage your money, our survey found that 40% of couples use this old school budgeting method. This is a classic organization technique that allows you to create a customized budget plan, making it appealing to those wanting a more personalized roadmap.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating these financial spreadsheets. You can alter them based on the week, month, or year to create a detailed plan that will keep you on track. 


There isn’t one plan that works for all couples. With countless options to choose from, there will definitely be a trial and error process that you and your partner will likely have to go through. Some may prefer spreadsheets while others prefer apps. Whatever it may be, we have a couple’s guide to merging finances that will help get you started.