Booking a venue can be the most expensive part of wedding planning. It can ruin your budget before you even pick out the band, flowers, or cake. The average cost of the ceremony venue is $2,197, with the reception venue being $16,107, according to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Study. If looking at these lofty numbers is already giving you wedding planning anxiety, it’s time to think of a plan B.

You don’t have to sacrifice your dream venue to meet your wedding budget. It is possible to have the day you envision while also keeping your wallet happy. These 3 venues are inexpensive alternatives that will make your big day special without the financial stress.

#1 Courthouse (Average Cost: $25-$100)

This is a go-to choice for those looking to have an inexpensive ceremony. Getting married at a courthouse usually involves a small fee of around $25-$100 (prices vary by state). Most city halls also allow you to have a few close family members and friends to witness the special moment.

This is great for those who want an intimate, budget-friendly wedding without the hassle of booking an extravagant venue.

Courthouse Wedding Guide

Airbnb or Home Rental Service (From $350 Per Night)

Home rental services have some of the best scenic venues for cheap. The earlier in advance you rent a place, the more budget-friendly it will be. You can reserve cabins, beach houses, ranches, and everything in between. This is a much cheaper option than renting a similar space through a wedding service.

You can rent wedding-worthy venues for as little as $350 a night! This is a steal especially if you only renting for the night of your wedding. With some proactive planning and a little bit of digging, you can find the perfect venue for you.




Parks/Outdoor Venues ($500-$1,000)

Find a local park in your hometown and see if they offer wedding services. Many offer up spaces to rent for both ceremonies and receptions. This is a great option for those who want an inexpensive outdoor wedding.

Most of these parks require a permit to be able to use the space. These can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 dollars to get. However, once you acquire the permit, many public locations are free to use!

Find a Park

Park Wedding Guide

Also save by:

  • Reserving well in advance
  • Cutting your guest-list
  • Choosing an off date, time, or season
  • Choosing one location for ceremony and reception
  • Marrying outside of the city


Cut your wedding cost by thousands will these inexpensive venues. You won’t miss out on any scenery or photo ops with these gorgeous ceremony sites. For more ways to ball on a wedding budget, check out these 3 simple swaps for a more frugal wedding!