With Fall in full swing, we are coming out of summer spending wondering where all of our money went. Those vacations and nightly trips to the ice cream shop were fun, but we have been left with a less than satisfactory financial situation. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start saving money and getting back on a better spending cycle. Let’s hit the reset button on your finances with a 30-day saving challenge that you and your partner can do together!

For 30 Days You Must:

  • Make no frivolous purchases (clothes, shoes, alcohol, games, decor, etc.) You are only allowed to purchase the bare necessities.
  • Cook all of your meals. Four of these meals must be vegetarian. Click here to find out why. You must use up all groceries you already have (canned beans, frozen vegetables, boxed pasta, etc.) before you grocery shop. Use this grocery saving guide to help navigate your shopping trip.
  • Give up one guilty spending pleasure (coffee, sparkling water, candles etc.)

Extra Challenges:

  • Sell 5 unused items around your home
  • Cancel unused subscription services
  • Walk/bike where you can instead of driving/ubering
  • Set a timer for your shower/heater/other utilities

Why do this?

Buying frivolous items is like eating sugar. Until you completely cut it out, you don’t realize how much it is a part of your lifestyle. You may think your spending habits are under control until you try this challenge and realize how much money you could be saving. This is a great way to shut down your overspending habits that you may not even know you have! Make it a fun challenge that you and your partner can embark on together. Here are some resources to help you through your 30-day journey!

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