Let’s state the obvious: having extra spending money is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s a beautiful thing. And when it comes to pursuing a side-incomes, two is better than one. Couples tackling the side-hustle game can find themselves having more financial freedom then they ever imagined. You don’t have to be a business savvy couple to take your finances to the next level.

Selling Photos Online (average pay: $25-$125 per image)

If you are an artsy couple who loves photography, then look no further for your perfect side hustle. Daniel Grove, Cosplay Photographer, earns $47,000 a year solely from his Star Wars portraits he sells online. You can also take simple pictures of landscapes or flowers to post on sites like Getty Images and iStock to earn residual income. Make your photo shoots a date! Bring wine and cheese to new locations to shoot your next masterpiece together. Get started:

Proofreading (average pay: $11-$30 per hour)

Would you want to get paid to read books on your couch with your partner while sipping on coffee? The answer is yes. Being a proofreader consists of reading a written piece and pointing out any mistakes, grammatical errors, or inconsistencies that you can find. For most avid readers, this is something they do without even thinking about it! Freelance proofreaders usually make around $20 an hour depending on skill-level. Seems like a solid afternoon to us! Get started:

Selling Thrifted Items (average pay: varies)

Take your $20 bill and go thrift your heart out. Optimize your shopping skills and sell thrifted gems online! According to an article by The Penny Hoarder, Rob Stephenson, also known as the Flea Market Flipper, made $30,000 in a year selling items he discovered at flea markets. If you and your partner are avid thrifters, this is definitely the side hustle for you. Get started:

Dog Walking (average pay: $10-$25 per hour)

At first glance, this may not seem like the most lucrative side hustle. But, you may want to think again. Picture this: you take 2 dogs on a walk everyday on your lunch break for 30 minutes at $20 per dog. That’s $40 per day, $280 per week, and $1,120 per month! That’s a nice additional paycheck to come home to. This is a no-brainer especially if you already love dogs and want to get exercise in the middle of the day! Get started:

Ghost Writing (average pay: $47 per hour)

With the mass amounts of articles and blogs being published these days, companies are always in need of ghostwriters to fill their sites with amazing content. If you have a knack for writing about a specific topic, there is most certainly a site out there that needs your help. Freelance writer Alexa Mason stated in a recent article published on The College Investor that she went from $1,600 per month to earning more than $5,500 per month by freelance writing! Get started:

Rent Spare Rooms (average pay: $65,207 to $167,733 a year)

You know that guest room that you keep empty for when family and friends come over, but never actually gets used? That’s your ticket to financial freedom. You can rent that room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for constant cash flow. Plus you will get to meet a myriad of people from all over the world, making for a fun experience that both you and your partner will enjoy! Get started:

Extra cash is only a few steps away. There are side hustles for every type of couple out there so find what works for you and start saving together! Do you and your partner run a side hustle? Let us know what you do on social media!