Here we go again…it’s time for your monthly money conversation with your partner. The money talk is commonly avoided because it goes from discussing retirement savings to fighting about who bought lunch out 3 weeks in a row.

The best way to avoid arguments is to have a specific agenda of topics you want to cover so that you can stay on track. This will help you both to have a plan going into the conversation and talk about it in a professional manor.

  1. Monthly expenses
    • Break down how much you are spending in each category:
      • Rent
      • Utilities
      • Transportation
      • Food
      • Luxuries
      • Investments
      • Other
  2. Monthly savings
    • Break down how much you are saving in each category
      • Debt
      • Retirement
      • Big purchases
      • Emergency
      • Other
  3. Future goals
    • Are there upcoming purchases/events you need to save for?
      • Is there anything you want/need to start saving for?
      • Is there anything you want to start investing in?
      • Are there any changes/upcoming changes in your finances?
      • Open time to discuss ANY future goals (i.e. side hustles, starting a family, switching jobs)
  4. Improvements you’ve made and want to make
    • Talk about financial improvements you can make as a couple
    • Discuss any losses, issues, or struggles you’ve had in the last month
    • Discuss any wins, improvements, and milestones you’ve hit
  5. Set a date for the next money meeting


This is a simple agenda for your regular money meeting with your partner! Having a plan makes the conversation that much easier. Screenshot this list and tag us on social media next time you have the money talk with your partner!