Most couples talk about money on a regular basis. But exactly what are they discussing when it comes to money? In a recent survey on how couples manage money together, 24% of respondents stated they don’t know if their partner has student loan debt.

With 1 in 4 Americans paying off an average of $37,000, it could be considered an important financial topic to discuss with your partner. Money is an emotional topic. Debt is tough enough to admit to yourself, let alone your romantic interest. It can be stressful, complicated, and even embarrassing for some people to talk about their debt.

However, it is a common, if not inevitable, issue that millions of people face. So why exactly do people keep their student loan debt from their partners?

They Don’t Talk About Money

Talking about money isn’t at the top of the list of things you want to discuss with your partner. It can be uncomfortable and spark some stressful conversations. Maybe you are just starting to share finances or looking for an apartment together. Whatever the situation may be, it is extremely important to have a sit down conversation about money and finances with this person. 

Why this is important: Most couples decide to share finances at some point in their relationship. According to research from TD Bank, over 50 percent of couples combine their money with 70 percent collaborating on major purchases. This makes having the “money conversation” a necessity for every couple.

Fear of Resentment

Couples often feel like if one of them has debt, they both have debt. While you don’t technically share student loan debt, even if you are married, the stress and time commitment that comes with paying off these loans affects both parties in the relationship. There can be a fear that the other person will resent them if they bring their own financial burdens into the relationship. 

It can be hard to open up to your partner about these issues. However, it is a discussion you are most likely going to have sooner or later. Use this agenda to help guide the conversation with your partner.

They Made Poor Debt Choices

Sometimes borrowers of student loans can be faced with challenges that leaves them to make poor debt choices. You may have skimped or missed payments, causing your credit score to be negatively affected. These are all decisions that will hurt your financial future, and your partners, if you choose to get married.  

These emotions cause roadblocks when trying to discuss money with your partner.  Finances may not be the most glamourous date night discussion, but it’s important to navigate with your partner. Screenshot this agenda to help guide your next money conversation!