Many of us have been told, “do what you love and the money will follow.”

We are told that if we find our true passions, the money will start effortlessly flowing in. Many of us follow this path of self-discovery in hopes to reach financial freedom and are left wondering why our bank accounts are still struggling. Lily Comba of Girl Boss found herself working towards her passion, waiting around for money, and frustrated when it wasn’t coming to her. She recognized this vicious cycle and decided she was going to do the opposite of what people have been telling her to do all these years.

I made a promise to myself: I will craft my own future. I will create my own opportunities. I will make what I’m worth. And then one year later, I more than doubled my salary,” said Comba.

Lily Comba was working an entry-level job at a media agency making $35,000. While her title working in the media/advertising industry sounded glamorous, Comba knew she wasn’t pushing herself nearly enough. Media was her passion, but she recognized that her innermost skills weren’t being utilized in her job. She was making a livable income, but something inside her said she could do more.

Comba was tired of letting other people control her financial future and decided to take matters into her own hands. As more than half of millennials do, she started a side hustle in hopes to change to upgrade her career and bank account. Her mentality throughout this journey wasn’t, “Do what I love and wait for money to come,” but rather it was, “What am I good at, and how can I get paid to do that full-time.”

Comba changed the narrative from, “find your passion,” to, “find your skillset.”

“I connected with entrepreneurs who owned businesses I admired, and wrote “cold” messages to them on LinkedIn,” Comba explained. She used her current skills and learned new traits like copywriting, web design, and development to help professionals with their businesses. Comba continued to do this until she was making $500 extra per month.

By finding what her skills were, she was able to easily mold that into a sustainable career.

Once Comba had been working her side hustle for awhile, she decided to apply for different jobs that revolved around her diverse skill set she had acquired through her business. She would walk into interviews with her head held high, a target salary in mind, and a determined attitude to leave with what she knew she deserved.

“I wouldn’t accept anything lower than the target salaries I had determined. I was no longer going to allow someone else to determine my financial future,” she explained on Girl Boss.

Comba walked out of an interview with a job, and a salary, that she deserved. Nearly a year after setting out on her journey, she was making over double what she was previously earning.

When it comes to doubling your salary, sometimes the first thing that you have to do is decide that you are in control of your financial future. Once you realize that you are in the driver’s seat, you can reach any goals you set for yourself. If Comba hadn’t told herself that she was going to start taking her finances into her own hands, she would’ve never started the side hustle that changed her future forever.

When asked for advice Comba wish she would have known earlier she stated, “Don’t wait for some inner passion to surface, go and find the skills you never knew you had. And then get paid for them.”


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