When we think about wedding budgets, many of us immediately turn our attention to the bride. Between hair, makeup, dresses, and rings bridal costs can add up fast. However, with couples spending over 30K on their wedding, it’s important to think about grooms can cut costs. There are many ways grooms can save on their wedding day. Whether its with the rings, tux, or groomsmen gifts, there are simple ways for groom to save money for their big day. 

Cut Ring Costs

Most people think of diamond rings as being the budget breaker. While a diamond ring cost upwards of $5,000-$6,000, bands can cost just as much depending on the type you buy. Avoid rings with the word “wedding” associated with them. Anything with marriage attached adds an unnecessary premium attached. Find a gold band that is in the style you like yet isn’t labeled specifically for weddings. This can help you save BIG on your ring and stay on budget.

Wear a Suit Over a Tux 

Suits are much more affordable than tuxedos. If your venue and wedding theme allow you to skip out on the tux, opt for a budget-friendly suit. Tuxedos cost about $700 to $1,000 for the jacket and pants. Where a three-piece suit can is priced at around $300 to $800. This will help you easily save hundreds on your wedding day attire.

Something to also consider is brand. When picking out a suit, it’s better to look for a style you like than a popular brand. Many get trapped in the brand names and end up paying an unnecessary premium that they normally wouldn’t if they bought a no-label suit. Instead of heading to the designer section, first take a look at the inexpensive suits and see if they carry a style that you are looking for. 

Rent, borrow, or buy?

Renting a suit, in most cases, is going to be much more affordable than buying a new suit. You can rent suits and tuxedos for around $150 to $250. This is a great option for those trying to conserve costs on their wedding day attire. An even better option is if you have the luxury of borrowing a suit from a friend. This will allow you to skip out on all the added costs that come with wedding day attire. 

Be sure to check your price tags carefully. Occasionally you will find suits and tuxedos on sale for prices comparable to that of renting. If you know you will need a suit for future occasions, it may be the most cost efficient choice to buy one. This way you won’t have to spend money renting multiple times.

Give Your Groomsmen Budget-Friendly Gifts

It is a common tradition that the groom will give his groomsmen gifts as a thank you for being apart of the wedding. These gifts can get pricey fast, especially if you have a larger wedding party. When trying to cut costs for your big day, simple is always best. You can do something simple like matching ties or handkerchiefs for the wedding day. You can also go the DIY route and make a kit with travel sized products that they can use for the big day. 

Budget Down The Bachelor Party

Skip the destination bachelor party and opt for a local extravaganza. The costs of travel and lodging adds up quickly for everyone. Not to mention the price of festivities once you reach your destination. Try finding a local spot that is festive as it is frugal.

In order to cut major costs on your wedding day, you have to look beyond the bride. Grooms can save thousands by following these steps. You don’t need to sacrifice fun to save on your big day. For more wedding hacks, click here.