If you’re planning a wedding, you may have reached the point of distress when you realize how much it is going to cost you.  On average, people spend $33,391 on their wedding according to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study. For many, the price is more than worth it. However, if you are struggling handing over thousands of dollars for one day, you are not alone. Here are some tips that anyone can use that will make wedding planning less daunting and less expensive!

#1 Don’t use the word “wedding” when planning

Anything with “wedding” attached to it is going to be more expensive. For example, a generic white dress is going to be cheaper than a white wedding dress of similar style. Brands and companies charge more for wedding related items. One couple who planned their entire wedding under $2,000, quickly discovered this unnecessary premium. They asked a florist how much a “wedding” bouquet would cost and were quoted $150. They called back later and asked the same question without mentioning “wedding” and they were quoted $80.

#2 Stick with beer and wine

In theory it sounds ideal to have a fully stocked bar with whatever spirits your guests desire. However, the reality is that liquor is expensive, especially when serving a crowd. If you’re looking to save your budget, skip the signature cocktails and opt for beer and wine. Make it exciting and pick out a couple different varieties of beer and wine. With good music, food, and beverages, no one will notice that there’s no liquor at the bar.

#3 Fake your cake

Shelling out the money for cake is expensive enough, let alone a tiered cake with fondant and fancy decor. Instead, try faking your cake! Couples are opting for faux-wedding cakes made of cardboard, purely for show. Then they have wedding cake slices already plated and prepared to serve. Not only does this make the cake cutting process easier, but it will save you money not having to hire a professional cake decorator.

#4 Be your own DJ

You’ve probably researched DJs to provide music and a good atmosphere at your wedding. However, with Djs costing an average of $2,000, you might want to start thinking of different ways to create a dancefloor vibe at your wedding. Instead of hiring a DJ, borrow a quality speaker and create your own playlist. You can even make this a collaborative playlists so your guests can add in songs that they want to hear throughout the night.

#5 Sell anything you can post-wedding

Something a lot of people don’t talk about is how to earn back money once your wedding is over. Maybe you have tons of floral arrangements, decor, and clothes that you used for your big day, but won’t be using again. This is a great way to earn back extra cash while also helping out future frugal couples plan their weddings. You can mark down the prices of your used items and sell it to people planning their big days on a budget. By utilizing these wedding hacks, you can save thousands. It’s important to start thinking about budget especially in the early stages of marriage. Save even more on your big day with these resources: 3 Frugal Wedding Swaps That Can Save You Time and Money Save Money With This $20 Wedding Band Top 3 Inexpensive Wedding Venues