With the Holidays in full swing, Christmas gifts are at the top of our minds. It seems as if everywhere we look there is a new, hot gift on the market being advertised. While we are excited to give our significant others meaningful presents, keeping up with our budget can be tough this time of year.

Americans are expected to spend $1,007 each this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s enough to throw off anyone’s monthly budget.

Skip out on the expensive gifts and make your partner a meaningful gift that just so happens to be free. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that we make ourselves. The thought, time, and effort that goes into these gifts is priceless and your partner is sure to love them.

Create a Memory E-Book

This gift is a free version of a classic scrapbook. While a physical photo album is an amazing gift idea, buying the book, printing photos, paying for stickers, etc. can add up quickly. Instead, create this free version using photo editing softwares you can easily find on the internet. This is a sentimental gift that you and your partner will love to look back on in years to come.

Pick a couple of your favorite memories and make different chapters which each of these experiences. Download this e-book and send it to them so they can keep it on their phones and to look at whenever they want!




Plan a Free Date Night Together

Having a “free” date night may not sound like the most glamorous thing in the world, but you may find yourself enjoying these as much as dinner and a movie. Think about a date with no added expenses, no debate on who will pay, and no secretly stressing about how much the “seasonally priced” lobster is going to cost.

Get date ideas based on your relationship personality here.

Create a DIY Cookbook of Your Favorite Recipes

If you and your partner love to cook together, this is an ideal Christmas gift. Make them a cookbook filled with all of your favorite recipes for a meaningful, budget-friendly gift. You can create this cookbook using the e-book method described above, or make it a fun DIY project. Find spare computer paper around your house, write out your favorite recipes, and bind them with festive ribbon to make a DIY recipe book.

Additionally, you can include coupons for you to cook a dinner of their choice. This is a fun way to compile your favorite recipes as a couple and plan your next date night at the same time!


Gift a Basket of Baked Goods

While buying things to make baked goods isn’t exactly free, you are likely to find most of the ingredients you need already in your pantry. Ingredients like flour and eggs are fairly cheap, making this the perfect inexpensive gift idea for the sweets-lover in your life.

Include all of their favorite desserts and wrap them up with a nice, handwritten card to along with it. Sweet treats and words go a long way this holiday season!

$1.71 Spiced Brownies

$2.53 Apple Pie Scones

$2.95 Chocolate Crinkles

Make a Video

If a picture says a thousand words, videos say a million. If you and your significant other enjoy documenting experiences and memories, compile these clips together for an adorable relationship montage of all your favorite moments. This sentimental gift is something that you and your partner can keep forever and look back on your adventures together. This heartfelt gift is sure to make your partner smile.



Mason Jar of Date Nights

Grab a spare jar you have and fill it with all the fun date ideas you can think of. These could be as simple as having a movie night, or going to your favorite pizza place. A date night jar is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will they greatly appreciate the thought, but they will look forward to all the date nights to come.

Start off the new year looking forward to fun dates and experiences with your partner!

DIY Date Night Jar

Create a Scavenger Hunt

When thinking of free gift ideas, the gift of fun experiences is always a great option.

Think of all the places around your hometown that you and your partner love going to. Maybe it’s a local museum, a nature trail, or a nearby dog park that you often visit. Create a scavenger hunt revolved around these places to go to with your partner. You can set clues at each destination and create a stream of riddles to get to each spot. This is a fun, interactive date idea that will have you and your significant other reminiscing on your favorite memories together.

How To Create a Scavenger Hunt Date


Gifts don’t need to send you into financial duress. Keep your partner and your wallet happy this season with free, DIY gift ideas. For more holiday hacks like this, sign up for the Rize and Shine newsletter to have weekly tips sent straight to your inbox.