Congratulations on cohabitation! You’ve found someone you love enough to be around 24/7 AND share a bathroom with. That is an accomplishment on its own. But before you do a cinematic,  slow-motion run into your brand new home, you need to pump the breaks.

Have you really sat down and talked you your partner about needs and expectations? And no, saying, “I just want a walk-in closet and a working microwave,” doesn’t count.

Every couple needs have a serious conversation before they take the plunge and pick a place. We know that many couples won’t know where to start when it comes to these kinds of conversations which is why we have created a worksheet for you and your partner to fill out before the move.

Discuss 3 reasons, aside from convenience, you want to move in together:

  1. _____________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________

List out your financial situations:

Salary: ___________

Credit score: ___________

Average weekly spend: ___________

Ideal rent range: ___________

Other: ___________________

What amenities do you need? (Write Y or N)

Laundry unit: ____

Pets: ____

High-speed internet: ____

Dishwasher: ____

Microwave: ____

Oven: ____

Patio: ____

Fitness center: ____

Close to public transportation: ____

Parking: ____

Furnished: ____

Other: ___________________

Will you divide household chores? Circle: Y or N

If yes, divvy up the chores now. Write initials beside each person’s task.

Dishes: ____

Laundry: ____

Cooking: ____

Cleaning bedroom: ____

Cleaning living space: ____

Cleaning kitchen: ____

Trash: ____

Other: _______________

Who is paying for what? Write initials beside each person’s responsibility.

Rent:  ____

Utilities:  ____

Internet:  ____

Cable:  ____

Groceries:  ____

Which answer describes you best?

  1. I like things to be pretty clean, but some messes are ok.
  2. I’m a slob. Who has time to clean?
  3. I need my space to be spotless. Vacuuming brings me joy.
  4. Clean or dirty, I usually don’t notice or care either way.

Which answer describes you best?

  1. I need someone to be on the same sleep schedule as me.
  2. I’m a deep sleeper. Doesn’t bother me if someone is up late or early.
  3. I’m a light sleeper and want someone to respectfully be quiet.
  4. My sleep schedule varies so it doesn’t matter much to me.

What are 5 things you want in a roommate?

  1. ________________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________________________________
  5. ________________________________________________________________

Don’t you feel better now that you put everything out in the open? Now all that’s left to do is pick the perfect place and pop some champagne! Check out how to start the money conversation here.