Finances are different for everyone. Some people get enjoyment out of organizing their budget plans while others can’t stand the thought of checking their bank account. According to a survey we conducted of 120 individuals in relationships, 36% feel stressed about talking money with their partner.

Money is one of the least glamorous parts of being in a relationship. Money talk leads to tough conversations, and tough conversations lead to stress, anger, and resentment. Because of this, most couples avoid this conversation at all costs.

Sound familiar?

However, 30% stated that they feel hopeful and 27% say confident.

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That’s around 57% of respondents feeling positive emotions when talking to their partner about money. While the topic of budgeting and saving can be stressful, once the hard part is over it can leave most couples feeling excited. When you get really honest about your finances, you are able to create a plan for the future.

It’s not surprising that many people find money to be an uplifting topic. In a 2018 study by Purdue University, they found that dollars make a difference when it comes to happiness and perceived life satisfaction. No matter what your bank account may look like, talking through it and finding a plan of action can help you to feel hopeful for what’s to come.

Having a positive mindset around money may even help your finances:

  • more likely to stay motivated
  • quickly overcome set backs
  • use excitement to drive your goals
  • more confident in decisions
  • more likely to learn about finances

Instead of throwing the towel out of frustration, you are more likely to see certain financial issues through. Keeping a good attitude, no matter what your bank account looks like, will only help you stay motivated towards your goals. Holding on to stress and fear around money is an easy way to create even more issues.

Of course money can come with responsibility and stress. This is only true if you are spending your money the wrong way. Here is a list of 5 ways that money actually CAN put a smile on your face and make you feel like a million bucks…or at least a hundred bucks.