There can be a lot of pressure attached to date night. You might feel like you need to dress up, go out, and hit the town in order to have a proper evening with your partner. However, we can all agree that some of the best nights, are the one’s spent at home. Not only do you get to stay cozied up with your loved one, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing you’re saving money.

Whether you’re making Valentine’s day plans, or brainstorming creative ideas for your next friday night in, we’ve got you covered.

#1 At Home Tastings

Go to the store and pick out a few different wines, beers, or teas that you think you both might like. While you’re at the store, pick up different cheeses and appetizers that will go with the beverages that you chose.

When you get home, light candles, lay out a few glasses and have your very own at-home tasting! This is such a fun idea for a night in and you can even invite other couples you know to participate.

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#2 Themed Dinner and a Movie

Pick a theme for the evening and center the night around it. For example, if you and your partner love Italy, bring the city to you. You can make an authentic pasta dish, drink regional wine, and watch a classic italian movie. You can make this night revolved France, Spain, Texas or even theme it around your favorite movie.

Whatever theme you pick, you are sure to have fun making new recipes together while watching movies.


#3 Fondue Night

It’s no secret that melted cheese and chocolate is the hit of any occasion. Create your own at-home fondue extravaganza for the perfect date night in. The great part about fondue is that it is extremely easy to make cheap. Things like cheese, bread, and other dunkable items can be bought at a great price.

Set up all the fixins, turn on a good movie, and enjoy an inexpensive evening at home. 





 #4 Staycation

If you are looking to get out of your normal routine for a night, then you need to take a staycation in your very own home. Make your home like the fancy resort you’ve always wanted to go to. Go all out with fancy decorations, lit candles, and calming music. You can even make cucumber water and put chocolates on your pillow!

Something about changing up your routine can make your own home feel like a romantic getaway.

Learn how to create the perfect staycation at home here.


#5 Make Dinner Together

Dinner out can put a major hole in your wallet. By the time you have appetizers, dinner, drinks, and dessert, you’ve spent 3 times more than you planned. Take a break from your normal date routine and try cooking a delicious meal with your partner. Pick something you both enjoy and work as a team to create an amazing meal.

Date night dinners under $10!

#6 Living Room Camping

Bring the outdoors, in! Take the camping trip of your dreams to your very own living room. Grab pillows, blankets, s’ mores, and a warm beverage to create the perfect indoor camping experience. Turn on the fire place or start a bonfire outside! Make this night your own and enjoy bringing the outdoors, in.







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#7 At-Home Trivia Night

Get to know your partner even better by asking them fun questions. For example, do know what song your partner would sing for an American Idol audition? Or what was the first CD they ever owned?

Play fun rounds of relationship trivia, would you rather, and what if scenarios. The things you find out might surprise you! Here’s 100 fun questions to ask your significant other!

Date nights don’t have to put a hole in your wallet. With these at home ideas you can have a romantic evening without stressing about the cost.


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