When planning a wedding, it can be all too easy to get carried away with the array of options at your fingertips. You get the opportunity to peruse live bands, large tiered cakes, 5 course meals, and extravagant wedding favors.

On average, people spend $33,391 on their wedding according to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study.

Spending 33K on a wedding may be tough to fathom. You may even think, “I would never let myself spend that much for one day!” However, over 40% of couples underestimated how much they would spend on their wedding. As you start planning, you begin to notice all of the small details, added expenses, and hidden fees that pop up leaving you spending more than you planned.

As you and your partner are trying to start a life together, the last thing you need is to be left in a tough financial place post-wedding. Cut your costs down and stay within your budget by eliminating these 5 things from your big day.

#1 Flower Arrangements

Skip out on the fancy floral arrangements. The average spend on wedding flowers is around $2,141 according to The Knot. Flowers can be the most expensive part of the wedding. You need a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonniere, table arrangements, flower girl basket, and the list goes on.

Wedding planner, Tessa Lyn Brand, says her clients spend between $6,000 and $11,000 on wedding flowers alone. This leaves room for some serious saving strategies.

Florals to remove from your budget:

    • Bridesmaids bouquets (approx. $440 for four)
    • Groomsmen boutonnieres (approx. $72 for four)
    • Decorative floral arrangements (average of $300-$500)

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#2 Full Course Meal

Who says you need to serve a full dinner at your wedding? While the idea of a delicious 5-course meal sounds great in theory, it is not necessary for every wedding especially if you are trying to cut costs. Dinner for all of your guests can cost upwards of $2,000 depending on the size of your wedding.

Swap out a heavy meal for a variety of horderves that will keep your guests satiated throughout the night. Just be sure to let your guests know prior to the wedding so they can plan ahead if they want to enjoy a meal before the ceremony.


#3 Wedding Favors

While sending your guests home with a gift is a nice gesture, wedding favors can cost you an extra $300 at least. While this may seem small in the grand scheme of your wedding, it’s the little things that add up and make your wedding costs more than you expected. It’s a matter of picking and choosing the things that are most important to you.

For example, would you rather pay for an open bar or wedding favors? Think of your priorities for the big day. Most guests can go without these pricey post-wedding gifts. In fact, guests are more likely to care about the food, drinks, and music over fancy favors.

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#4 Table Linens

Up to $60 per linen can add up quickly especially if you have a large wedding party. This is an unnecessary cost that can easily be avoided to stay on track with your budget. It is easy to lose track of your wedding spending when you the carried away with the gorgeous linens and fabrics. However, remember to keep your budget top of mind when making these decisions.

To avoid overspending, try using inexpensive tablecloths or avoid them all together!  

#5 A Saturday Wedding

When most people plan a wedding, they immediately try to book a Saturday. Of course this is going to be everyone’s first choice. This is a free day where most family and friends have off of work and the positive weekend vibes are flowing. But it is also the single most expensive day to host a wedding.

What if we told you that you could save thousands of dollars in exchange for a weekday wedding? In fact, booking a venue for a Thursday is 17% cheaper than Saturdays, according to Tina Hoang-To, CEO and co-founder of Wedding Spot. This leaves extra room in your budget to ball out on delicious food or an open bar.

One couple planning a New York City wedding saved at least 20% on photography and around 40% on flowers just by changing their wedding date to a weekday. “We had a lot more purchasing power,” he said. “Everyone would come down [in price] when they heard the word Thursday.”

While for many future spouses, a Thursday wedding is completely off the table. But we encourage you to first compare prices and then make the decision. What if you could save thousands of dollars by just switching the date a few days earlier? It might just be worth your while.

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By omitting these 5 things from your wedding, you can save thousands. It’s important to start thinking about budget especially in the early stages of marriage.

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