Who doesn’t love a good date night? It allows you to have quality time with your loved one in a setting that is special and romantic. There’s usually candles, soft music, and good vibes. For a night it seems like all your worries, problems, and bills don’t exist.

And that’s when you find yourself saying things like, “We will have the best bottle of red you got!” And “We’re both going to do the lobster.” Yes, this is a special night, but what is romantic about dropping $200 on a fancy dinner and mutually stressing about it later?

Having a “free” date night may not sound like the most glamorous thing in the world, but you may find yourself enjoying these as much as dinner and a movie. Think about a date with no added expenses, no debate on who will pay, and no secretly stressing about how much the “seasonally priced” lobster is going to cost.

Who knows, these may just convert you to having spendless date nights every week!

Go for a Nature Walk Together

You might be thinking, “seriously…a walking date? I’d rather not.” But hear us out. Don’t just go for a walk. Make it a romantic event.

  • Put on your favorite workout gear that you own (you know, the one that makes you feel like you’re in a Nike commercial)
  • Turn off your phones
  • Pack up an array snacks and drinks you have at your house
  • Talk without the distraction of technology

Getting outside and moving will keep the good vibes and endorphins flowing making for the perfect, free date night!

Find trail by you here!

Find Free Events

Nearly every city has tons of free events going on during the week. You can find free yoga classes, concerts, and comedy shows. There is something for every type of couple and is a great options for those looking to ball on a budget!

Find events near you here!

At-Home Trivia Night

Get to know your partner even better by asking them fun questions. For example, do know what song your partner would sing for an American Idol audition? Or what was the first CD they ever owned?

Play fun rounds of relationship trivia, would you rather, and what if scenarios. The things you find out might surprise you!

Here’s 100 fun questions to ask your significant other!

Movie Marathon

This date idea may sound cliche, but when was the last time you snuggled up for an epic movie marathon? This date is an excuse to stay on the couch with copious amounts of snacks and binge watch movies. Bring out all the blankets and pillows to create a comfy movie watching station!

Series to watch:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Mission Impossible
Harry Potter
The Fast and the Furious

Full list of movies to watch here!

Bake Something Together

You know when you decide you are going to start baking so you buy all of the ingredients and supplies? And then you realize that you don’t have time to bake so all your tools end up making a nice little home in your cabinet? It’s time to use up those ingredients and make baking together a regular date night!

Find delicious dessert ideas here!

Keeping the spark in your relationship doesn’t have to look like fancy dinners and $50 bottles of wine. It can be a simple activity that you and your partner both enjoy! What do you do for date night? Let us know on social media!