Happy Fourth of July! It’s time to have some summer fun with your friends and family. However, hosting a fourth of july bash isn’t exactly wallet friendly. In 2015, Americans spent $3.6 million on flags and $257.8 million on fireworks.

The average household spends roughly $346.50 over the July Fourth weekend. Between food, drinks, and fireworks, you could be spending more than your budget allows. Here are some ways to make your Fourth of July a frugal affair.

Host a Potluck

You can’t have a proper celebration without food. Instead of hosting alone, pitch the idea of a potluck. Have every gust bring a food item for the cookout. Create an editable document and list out the food you need at the party. Include things like hamburgers, dips, fruit, and chips. Have each guest write their name next to the food item that they agree to bring.

This way the financial burden of hosting for a group of people isn’t solely on you. Everyone is involved and is making a contribution to the party. 


Make Sangria Over Craft Drinks

Buying wine, beer, and liquor for a crown is far from cheap. Instead, try making sangria! This is an easy beverage to make on a budget. Start with the cheapest wine you can find at the store. Then add fruit and sparkling water to the mix to make the perfect summertime beverage. Because you add fruit, juice, and other additives, you don’t need the wine to be top shelf.

This is the perfect cheap cocktail to serve your guests upon arrival!

DIY Decorations

Instead of heading to the store and shelling out money for party decor, make it yourself. Find red, white, and blue materials around your house to create DIY decorations that will make your home festive on a dime. Also consider heading to the dollar store and buying streamers and mini American flags to spruce up your space.


Skip Fireworks and Buy Sparklers

Fireworks are a Fourth of July staple. Most of us think about them when we think of the holiday and it’s hard to imagine celebrating without them. However, fireworks are expensive, especially if you are buying them in large quantities to put on your own show. The cost adds up quickly and the fire work show goes by fast.

Instead, watch the fireworks in your neighborhood or city and buy sparklers instead. Sparklers are a fun, interactive things that both kids and adults alike will enjoy. 

Go Camping

Camping is a frugal way to have memorable fourth of july fun. Most campsites cost under $20 for the night. You can even take the festivities to your backyard and create your own glamping experience. Set up lights, candles, snacks, and pillows. Spend the evening watching the fireworks, playing with sparklers, and enjoying company knowing you are saving money. 


Take Advantage of Free Events

Nearly every city has tons of free events going on during the week, especially around holidays like the Fourth of July. You can find free shows, concerts, and public gatherings. There is something for everyone and is a great options for those looking to ball on a budget!

Find events near you here!

These fourth of july hacks will help keep your party festive and your budget on track. For more party meals under $10, click here!