When it comes to date night, there is an overwhelming pressure to show your partner just how much you care. This usually results in spending money on numerous things in order to fit in with the holiday expectations.

Dropping hundreds of dollars on gifts, flowers, and fancy dinners sounds good in theory, but nothing is romantic about dropping $200 on an evening out and stressing about it later.

Having a “cheap” date night may not sound like the most glamorous thing in the world, but you may find yourself enjoying these as much as fancy dinner and a movie. Think about a date with no added expenses, no debate on who will pay, and no secretly stressing about how much the bottle of wine you ordered is going to cost.

Enjoy a stress-free evening with these cheap dates that are basically free!

#1 Instructional Youtube Videos

Youtube is a hub for instructional videos. You can find anything and everything you want with one simple click. Find a fun recipe, yoga class, or DIY video that you and your partner can do together.

Try making your own pasta or attempting a 60-minute vinyasa flow. Find something that you will mutually enjoy and reep the benefits of endless, free date ideas!


#2 Go for a Nature Walk Together

You might be thinking, “seriously…a walking date?” But hear us out. Don’t just go for a walk. Make it a romantic event.

  • Put on your favorite workout gear that you own (you know, the one that makes you feel like you’re in a Nike commercial)
  • Turn off your phones
  • Pack up an array snacks and drinks you have at your house
  • Talk without the distraction of technology

Getting outside and moving will keep the good vibes and endorphins flowing making for the perfect, free date night!

Find trail by you here!


#3 Find Free Events

Nearly every city has tons of free events going on during the week. You can find free yoga classes, concerts, and comedy shows. There is something for every type of couple and is a great options for those looking to ball on a budget!

Find events near you here!

#4 Watch the Sunset

There’s nothing more romantic then kicking back and watching the sunset. And the best part is that it’s free! Scope out the perfect spot where to enjoy watching the sun go down with your partner. Make sure to pack up some blankets, snacks, and wine to enjoy as you watch the sunset.


#5 At-Home Trivia Night

Get to know your partner even better by asking them fun questions. For example, do know what song your partner would sing for an American Idol audition? Or what was the first CD they ever owned?

Play fun rounds of relationship trivia, would you rather, and what if scenarios. The things you find out might surprise you!

Here’s 100 fun questions to ask your significant other!


#6 Try a New Hobby

Is there an activity you and your partner have always wanted to try? Maybe it’s playing tennis or making clay pottery. We all have those things we say we want to try, but never actually get around to trying it. What better excuse to find time to explore a new hobby then for a fun date idea on Valentine’s Day?


#7 Movie Marathon

This date idea may sound cliche, but when was the last time you snuggled up for an epic movie marathon? This date is an excuse to stay on the couch with copious amounts of snacks and binge watch movies. Bring out all the blankets and pillows to create a comfy movie watching station!

Series to watch:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Mission Impossible
  • Harry Potter
  • The Fast and the Furious

Full list of movies to watch here!

#8 Go to a Local Sporting Event

Most towns have college or high school sports games that you can attend for free. Go back in time to your high school days and enjoy a good old-fashioned game night with popcorn and hot dogs. You’ll be surprised just how fun it is to get out of the house and enjoy a free evening of sports, fun food, and good company.


#9 Try a DIY Project Together

Get creative with supplies you have at home and start a fun DIY project! Whether it’s making wall art, brewing your own beer, or knitting a blanket for the living room, try out fun projects you and your partner will enjoy. This is perfect for the artsy couple who loves creating things from scratch.

Try these DIY date night projects for couples!


#10 Hunt for the BEST Happy Hour Deal in Town

Challenge each other to find the best happy hour deal in town. No one likes spending 15 dollars on one drink and another 20 on appetizers. Make it a fun game to see just how frugal you can get at your local restaurants.

#11 Bake Something Together

You know when you decide you are going to start baking so you buy all of the ingredients and supplies? And then you realize that you don’t have time to bake so all your tools end up making a nice little home in your cabinet? It’s time to use up those ingredients and make baking together a regular date night!

Find delicious dessert ideas here!


#12 Go Camping in Your Living Room

Bring the outdoors, in! Take the camping trip of your dreams to your very own living room. Grab pillows, blankets, s’ mores, and a warm beverage to create the perfect indoor camping experience. Turn on the fireplace or start a bonfire outside! Make this night your own and enjoy bringing the outdoors, in.

Date night doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Get creative and try out one of these cheap date nights that will have you leaving the days of fancy dinners behind! For more date ideas try these gifts under $20 or spendless date night ideas!