Valentine’s Day is just days away and you may be looking for ways to show the special person in your life how much you care. However, if you’re still recovering from holiday spending, you might be looking for some gift options that won’t break the bank. If you want to knock out your Valentine’s day shopping, look no further than these inexpensive gifts for $20 or less!


#1 Electric Wine Opener ($20)

Give the wine lover in your life an electric wine opener that will open corks in seconds.  It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge. You can gift this alone or throw in a bottle of wine to test out on your Valentine’s evening.

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#2 Personalized Candle ($15)

Candles are always a thoughtful gift choice that anyone can use. Take it one step further with these  personalized soy candles that are handmade and scented with a with your choice of fragrance! You can customize these candles with any name, short sentence or phrase that you want!

Cater it to fit perfectly with your loved one for a romantic, sentimental gift fitting for valentines day.

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#3 Create a DIY Cookbook of Your Favorite Recipes

If you and your partner love to cook together, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Make them a cookbook filled with all of your favorite recipes for a meaningful, budget-friendly gift.  You can create this cookbook digitally as an e-book, or make it a fun DIY project. Find spare computer paper around your house, write out your favorite recipes, and bind them with festive ribbon to make a homemade recipe book.

Additionally, you can include coupons for you to cook a dinner of their choice. This is a fun way to compile your favorite recipes as a couple and plan your next date night at the same time!


#4 Chocolate Roses ($2.50 each)

Take classic red roses to the next level with chocolate flowers. Regular roses can cost you upwards of $50 which is steep for something your partner won’t use. While it is a nice gesture, you can never go wrong with chocolate on Valentine’s day.

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#5 Date Night Jar ($18)

Buy your special someone this jar of date night ideas. For just under $20 you will get a jar full of inspiration for your next romantic evening. 

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#6 Mug Warmer ($16)

Get the coffee lover in your life the gift of a warm cup of coffee. No more trips to the microwave in attempt to keep your morning mug from getting cold. With this plate you can set the optimal beverage temperature that will keep your drink warm all day.

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#7 Jade Roller Kit ($20)

Heading to the spa for facials can cost you a pretty penny. Buy this jade roller set for all your at-home facial needs. This kit includes a rose quartz jade roller and a gua sha set for maximum spa therapy on a budget!

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#8 Gift a Basket of Baked Goods

When planning to bake treats for your loved one, you are likely to find most of the ingredients you need already in your pantry. Ingredients like flour and eggs are fairly cheap, making this the perfect inexpensive gift idea for the sweets-lover in your life.

Include all of their favorite desserts and wrap them up with a nice, handwritten card to along with it. Sweet treats and kind words go a long way!

$1.71 Spiced Brownies

$2.53 Apple Pie Scones

$2.95 Chocolate Crinkles

#9 Craft Beer Scratch Off Poster ($15)

Any beer lover would appreciate this scratch off poster for craft brews. Sample a variety of 97 beers and scratch as you go. Each time you try a new brew you can scratch away at its square to reveal a special illustration.

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#10 Create a Memory E-Book

This gift is a free version of a classic scrapbook. While a physical photo album is an amazing gift idea, buying the book, printing photos, paying for stickers, etc. can add up quickly. Instead, create this free version using photo editing softwares you can easily find on the internet. This is a sentimental gift that you and your partner will love to look back on in years to come.

Pick a couple of your favorite memories and make different chapters which each of these experiences. Download this e-book and send it to them so they can keep it on their phones and to look at whenever they want!



Buy your partner something special without the spending guilt. All of these gifts are $20 or less and are sure to make this Valentine’s Day special. For CHEAP Valentine’s Day gift ideas, click here!