As summer comes to a close, you may be stressing about how much you have been spending. This season is a time of spending extra on vacations, entertainment, and fun with friends. However, these activities are not always good for your bank account. Balance out summer fun with these money saving hacks that will help you leave the summer with good memories and a full wallet. 

#1 Go on a hike

If you haven’t ventured out to a local hike or nature trail, now is the perfect time. Hiking is not only a great exercise, it’s a free activity that you can make a whole day out of. This is the perfect frugal adventure that you can do while the weather is still ideal. Click here to find a hike or park near you! 

#2 Swim at a community pool

Instead of paying top dollar for a pool membership, find a local community pool near you. Many neighborhoods and cities have a pool that you can either get into for free, or pay a small daily rate. This is the perfect way to spend a summer saturday without breaking the bank.

#3 Read a library book

Buying new books from the store adds up quickly. Books can cost up to $25-$30, especially if you are investing in a hardcover. Depending on how many books you read, this habit could cost you upwards of $300 per year.

Instead get a library card! Library books are free and most local libraries have summer reading challenges that you can be apart of. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of just a few months. Not only can you pick up novels, you can also grab cookbooks, magazines, and other publications that would normally cost you a fortune.


#4 Go to a local lake/creek

Head to your local creek! This is a classic summer activity that many forget about. There are so many small lakes and creeks that you may never hear or know about. You can spend the day here and make a day out of it. This is much cheaper than getting a pool membership and an alternative if you don’t live near a beach. 

#5 Host a game night

Get to know your partner even better by asking them fun questions. For example, do know what song your partner would sing for an American Idol audition? Or what was the first CD they ever owned? Play fun rounds of relationship trivia, would you rather, and what if scenarios. The things you find out might surprise you! Here’s 100 fun questions to ask your significant other!

#6 Visit a free zoo/museum

Nearly every city has tons of free events going on during the week. You can find free yoga classes, concerts, and comedy shows. There is something for every type of couple and is a great options for those looking to ball on a budget!

#7 Have a garage sale

Instead of going shopping, try selling your own belongings. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone by decluttering while also making some extra cash for the summer. Get your family and friends together and make it a social activity that everyone will enjoy.

#8 Go camping

Camping is a cheap activity that usually only costs around $20 to book a campground. If you don’t have camping equipment, don’t worry! Instead of splurging on tents and firewood, bring the outdoors, in! Take the camping trip of your dreams to your very own living room. Grab pillows, blankets, s’ mores, and a warm beverage to create the perfect indoor camping experience. Turn on the fireplace or start a bonfire outside! 

#9 Start a garden

Gardening is a great hobby to keep during the summer. Not only can you occupy your time for cheap, but you can also start to grow your own produce to eat and cook with. This is a relaxing activity that doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can buy seeds and plants for cheap and its a purchase that is worth your while.

#10 Play sports

Many towns and cities have local sports teams that you can join for cheap or even free. These sports are a great way to have summer fun while meeting new people. These are all great ways to enjoy the last weeks of summer without breaking the bank. 

These are all frugal ways to enjoy fun in the sun these last weeks of summer. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the rest of the season. For more inexpensive ideas, click here for cheap date nights that your partner (and your wallet) will thank you for!